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Natural Hoofcare

Horseshoes are a necessary evil – the farriers know that already for a long
time and recommend regeneration periods without horseshoes.
With a little prudence during riding, optimized natural horse keeping and in exceptional cases the use of hoofboots, the necessity for horseshoes can be
overcome in most cases.
Besides optimum living conditions and feeding, correct natural hoofcare is
crucial for restoring and maintaining sound and capable hooves. We are
taking care for your horse's hooves following the result of the recent
research and long term experience of Dr. Hiltrud Strasser and other
respectable natural hoofcare specialists (e.g. KC LaPierre and Pete Ramey).

Furthermore, we are offering workshops about all facets of natural horse
management as well as about recognizing hoof problems and finding a
long-lasting holistic remedy.



Datum/Date Ort/Location Land/Country Agenda
30.7.-1.8.2010 Lebring Steiermark 2,5 Tage Anfänger
27.-29.08.2010 Moosburg Kärnten

2,5 Tage Anfänger

16.-17.09.2010 Aviano (PO) Italien 2 Tage Anfänger
18.-19.09.2010 Aviano (PO) Italien Fortgeschritten
15.-17.10.2010 Maria Ponsee Niederösterreich/
2,5 Tage Anfänger
29.-31.10.2010 Roma Italien 2,5 Tage Anfänger
12.-14.11.2010 Maria Ponsee Niederösterreich/
2,5 Tage Anfänger

Feeding problems have caused this hoof - improvement after a few months!

Hoof Boots

Hoof Boots are very useful when converting to barefoot, during rehabilitation
of foundered hooves or other deformations, high wear or tenderness.
Horses get more movement and can be ridden earlier in the progress.
More movement accelerates rehabilitation.

Hoof Boots Easyboot Epic und Bare: more...

Hoof Boots Renegade: 249,50 EUR/pair more...


Injuries and inflammation are causing a local increase in temperature of the affected areas. On the other hand, constrictions in blood flow or tissue with
low metabolism shows up as cold areas. Strong temperature gradients can
already be felt by touching these areas.

A thermographic screening is working much more sensitive and temperature
abnormalities are clearly laid out. We are using the latest infrared camera
technology. Based on these images, your vet can diagnose fast and precise
to speed up the recovery of your horse.

Naturally shaped unshod hoof with good blood flow in coronet and bar corium, nice large weightbearing frog and warm sole without hot spots or inflammation

Examples for problems:

4y. Noriker gelding:
Insymmetric muscular activity due to pain in left hind hoof
(shod with long heels, coronet contraction), also visible at lifted fetlock joint

9 y. old gelding with badly contracted and shod hooves. Diagnosed slight bone spavin.
Extremely bad blood flow especially in the toe (see side view of front hooves, left picture)
caused by hampered hoof mechanism and narrow hoof capsule. The bad circulation is
responsible for spavins in hind feet. Also, front fetlock joint is swollen and hot.

Healthy and sound barefooted horse with regular blood flow


Gelding Speedy before hoofcare

Thermography reveals:
High muscular activity (red) in shoulder as a reaction to heel pain

After correct hoof care:
Shoulder relaxes!
-> Gaits become longer
-> and easier to sit
-> the back is swinging
-> back problems disappear
-> supports the success of
chiropractic, APM and massaging


This 3y. QH mare has extremely contracted hooves and is also shod. This clearly shows up in a poor blood flow of the whole foot (blue).
-> steep shoulder and fetlock
-> prone to injury
-> uncomfortable gaits
-> lack of dampening
-> poor sure footedness
-> poor healing
-> higher stress on heart



Naturally shaped barehoof
-> good blood flow
-> good metabolism
-> good horn quality


Regular muscle activity


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