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0664 918 1180

* incl. 20% tax
** incl. 10% tax

Shipping rates

up to 2 kg:.. 5 EUR
up to 4 kg:.. 7 EUR
up to 8 kg:.. 8 EUR
up to 12 kg:. 9 EUR
up to 20 kg: 11 EUR
up to 30 kg: 15 EUR

Shipping rates

up to 20 kg: 7 EUR

All other countries:
please ask!


Specials: Natural Herbs and Supplements


Methylsulfonylmethane - supplies your horse with organic sulfur and
methyl molecules for the formation of amino acids.
Supports the quality of connective tissue and keratin, thus very valuable
for horses with arthrosis, navicular and founder (laminitis) as well as for
healthy skin, coat and hoof horn (barefooted horses, distorted hoof
capsules, underslung heels...)

Sold as chemical substance with certificate of analysis for purity (99,96%)

600 g ..... 15 EUR*
2 kg ....... 40 EUR*

Milk Thistle Seeds (Silybum Marianum)

supports liver function and because of its antioxidative properties also the pancreas, thus it is recommended with all metabolic problems, founder
(laminitis) and liver damage (bad quality of feed!).

600 g ....... 8 EUR**
2 kg ....... 20 EUR


Milk Thistle

Caution: when feeding the seeds as a whole, a few of them will pass the intestines. The result
will be visible on your manure dump, grows up to 2 m high
and is extremely thistly.

We do not deliver ground seeds because the natural hull protects the seeds perfectly against oxidization. Please grind shortly before feeding, e.g. in a coffee grinder..

Recommended dosage:
feed about 20 g/day for 500 kg horse for some weeks




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