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Dear visitor of our site,

we supply you with (almost) everything you need for keeping and feeding
your horses in a natural way. This will give your young horses the chance
to grow healthy bones, tendons and cartilage. Your mature horses will
thank you by staying healthy, fit and ready to perform.

So your friends can give you a long time of joy.

This is not only valid for "robust horses", but especially for performance
horses, for example competition horses, breeding horses and race horses
as well.

Natural management of horses is especially important during rehabilitation
of health problems at hoof (founder, navicular, poor horn quality), musculo-
sceletal system (arthrosis) or bronchial problems.


Please enjoy our site and best regards

Dipl.-Ing. Sonja Appelt - mechanical engineer and Strasser hoofcare expert
Dr. Matthias Gerss - chemist


Wild Horse DI Sonja Appelt KEG
Eibenweg 1
9241 Wernberg
+43 664 918 1180

Our Slovenian Site
is still under construction.
Please use the German or English navigation!

For downloading our Slovenian catalog, please
click on this image:

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